MOC: Combiner Of Earth

I just bought terak and the first thing that I wondered is how could I do a combiner between that and the protector of earth?


What Doctor Frankenstein Experiment Is This?


a recent one.


this is strangely awesome XD

I like it.

This is freakish but strangely endearing. The Creature head and Protector mask go together really well. The posing on the hands is a bit off though. Is this a combi between just the two sets or are there other pieces thrown in?

Edited title -legomaster

no extra pieces, only those that came with the sets

Huh. I'm not super familiar with the 2016 sets. :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend you crop your photos in the future. As it is you've got a lot of empty space above and below the figure. Here's what an edited pic might look like:

thanks for the advice!

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My pleasure man! :smiley:

um... very interesting