Moc compilation 2: 3 MOVs, and 1 example of why KAI_BORG shouldn’t MOC when he’s tired

Why I shouldn’t MOC while I’m tired

To put this simply, I tend to make my MOC’s later on in the day, and usually end up stretching said activities to times when I should have been in bed a while ago, actually being affected by noticeable tiredness by that point.
This is usually caused from either having ideas for multiple MOC’s at once, and/or my own mentality not letting me stop until I’ve finished the MOC I’m working

Now, while I have actually noticed a small benefit to working like this at times, actually coming up with some pretty crazy ideas, I still try limit how long I’ll let myself stay up before stopping, because when I don’t… Well, things like this pop out.

Really, I don’t know fully what was going my head when I made her.
From what I remember it was a mix of finding a torso idea I’d hadn’t and then given up on, immediately thinking “Hey! I can totally finish this!”, and a touch of seeing what reactions I’d get from such a ‘stereotypical’ MOC as this… and then I finished her, snapped some pics, and passed out…

I’m thinking about calling her Coral or some-such… don’t really have any backstory for her as of yet.


And here’s a small compilation of the current ‘My Own Version’’s I’ve made of a couple others MOCs.


Thorne is a MOC from BIOforge Studios, one of the biotubers I watch who actually has a fairly interesting story going so far, and an amazing version of their own for Maniamac’s Bekom, who tends to ‘pop’ in every now and again.
She’s essentially just the actual MOC (love how-to’s), but modified by my own lack of pieces and attempts to still keep the colour scheme stable, if basically reversed for a lot of her.


So I’m certain many of you can recognize this little guy from ManiaMac‘s amazing series.
Let’s just say I took some inspiration from BIOforge Studios idea and made my own version.

So as you can see he’s nothing too crazy, build wise.
His build was partially inspired by BIOforge Studios take, but is mainly centered around ‘beefing’ out Bekom in such a way his original form is still evident, and given it my own ‘flair’.

Also, let’s just say Podupo has a hand in causing this… change for Bekom when he’s in my universe/s


And here’s who I consider the ‘star’ of this compilation.
Dazok is the self moc of TheDazok , a deviantart MOCist who’s known less so for a large quantity of mocs, than he is for the adventures and tales he tells with those he owns, and the awesome scenic pics he puts them in at times.

And also Suukorak, ‘cause she’s adorable.~

So yeah, here’s my version of Dazok… who has a lot more red than his original.
Basically while making him I realized I didn’t have any more of the double, open ended ball joints besides the two red ones, so I gave it a good ol’ “Screw it!” and decided to just give him a bit more ‘emphasis’ on red than his original through the use of whatever accent pieces I could think up.

And I have to say I think he came out pretty nicely!

Wings extended


Most of these are actually better than normal, but the first one isn’t that good in my opinion.

Which is exactly why it’s labeled ‘Why I shouldn’t MOC when I’m tired’.

Also I’ll have you know none of these are on the level of Tekan

Boy do I know that feeling.

As said before,a lot of them look pretty simple, but not bad, really. A couple seem like they could use some more armoring up, but as they are, not bad!


Haha, glad to meet a fellow sleep deprived!

Also, Ja, I can agree on that factor, but at this point I’m running fairly low on armour.
Sure, I could’ve possibly found some ways but at that point I was happy anough, and then I passed out soon after.


Cool bekom. Or should I say, “Chicken”


Hehe, I suppose you call him that if you wanted.
And didn’t mind him probably ‘erasing’ you after.

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Well, if bekom is made out of magnetic metal, then mabye one of my Mocs could beat him.

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Eh, I don’t even know if his bodies actually formed of anything but energy seeing as how he purposely ‘sealed’ himself in that’s body to make it harder for the others of his species to track him.

You’d have to check through ManiaMac’s stuff for that.

The fact he could probably destroy the planet before coming close to losing probably wouldn’t help though.

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But everything is energy. I’m actually being serious. That is a scientific fact.

Well yes, but I mean I don’t know if his body is actually composed of anything but pure energy essentially converted into a physical form.

Bekom didn’t skip leg day, also the one you might call coral needs to eat something.


Hahaha! Not even ‘gods’ skip leg day, mate!

Also, yes, she probably does.


Nice colour schemes, well done. The first one seems a bit plain though.

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Yep, that’s what happens when I stay up to like 3 and find stuff I gave up working on before… 'cause at that time my brain goes ‘Hey! I know how to finish this!’ and I end up waking up to weird mocs.

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I know that feeling,

Kardax at 3am: A robot… but also a bee…

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Haha! Yep, one usually tends to get pretty… ‘intriguing’ ideas/thoughts around that point!

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It’s almost 3 for me and I’ve hit gold.

A robot… but also a bee hive…

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Oh-ho-ho! Sounds ‘intriguing’ mate! XD

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A robot bee hive… but missile launching… with bigger missiles.

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