MOC: Dark Future Kopaka

Spear, shield, sword, Akaku. Checklist complete.


Not really a fan of the feet. And while it doesn’t feel a lot like Kopaka I will say in general this is not a bad MOC.

Not really a fan of the legs, the head also looks a bit wonky on the body. I think you should use a Metru head instead.

you know those white things americans eat on a stick in campfires? because the spear remembers me of one

Marshmallows? Yeah it kinda does

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The armor on his left hand and his feet look weird, but otherwise this is a great moc

He needs a bigger shield, but still pretty good.
@Asriel Are we Americans really the only people who do that? Because then the rest of the world is severely deprived.

I know what they are and yes, I see how it could look like one @darkbrick999 we do that too in canada.


How well does the head connection work? Does it limit the range of motion at all?

Except for the socket connection, nothing is obstructed


isn’t canada in America? like, the continent?

To be completely honest it looks like you threw krekka in a blender of energized protodermis.

No flow, no color blocking, bad proportions, and it looks nothing like kopaka,
I feel like it should have been something else, namely a krekka revamp.

well, north america, but the term “american” refers to the US citizens

Bionicle: Days of Future’s Past.

Nice reference!

His weapon looks too cluttered and the shoulders are a bit wide.