MOC: Destro of Ice

Hooray for unimaginative names.

Front View

Back View

Random Pose
So yeah this is my first time actually making a topic here. Did I do it right?
So I’m also a new user so I can’t post more than 3 pics :frowning:
So here’s this youtube video of it with more pics:
In the future I’ll be able to post more pics :smiley:
So I won’t have to link the youtube video :smiley:
Update: Destro of Ice - Album on Imgur Imgur Gallery


Seems that it is alright to me. The MOC looks pretty cool and has some nice colour scheme going on with it. Weapon looks a little large, but i know some people who really enjoy the over-sized weapon thing so that could work as a stylistic choice. :slight_smile:

Didn’t know this was a thing… make an imgur gallery and link the gallery? :slight_smile:

This looks really cool. I feel the bulk definitely works in this MOC’s favor. It makes him look tough an intimidating. Also the color scheme is very good.

The thighs seem a little unarmored and the feet are abnormally long but other than that 9/10.

Destro of Ice - Album on Imgur :smile:

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Nice MOC! That torso is incredibly complex and looks really good. Those lower legs are pretty great, and the weapon’s done incredibly well. The whole look of him is pretty great! :smiley:

Thanks :smile:

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@HarrisPlays If you want to show people your MOC, please do it in another topic. Advertising it in other people’s topics is not only off-topic, it’s also comes across as rather pretentious, so please, if you wanna show people your MOC, either make a topic for it, or stop advertising it.

Thank you.
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I think my only problem is the lack of front coverage/abundance of side armoring on the legs, but other than that, he is a very well built moc.

I love it!

This is a great MOC!

Also welcome to the boards man!

I got to admit this looks freaking awesome!