MOC Dino Rex, R.I.P.

So built this one for my kid, who is loving everything dinosaurs, and lego. So I made this guy with random parts, and then refine to this build to give him another MOC for play. Based on a T-Rex, but to not put much time into it I went with a Attack from Below monster head. The last one that was free, so I then tried to add some purple to make the color scheme blend. Used the gun metal grey for belly side.

Made the neck connection with hand connectors and even added a tongue on the inside.

Not many purple to use, so picked best with what I had.

view of the belly to show off some basic stuff

Added the claws for back spikes, and used double bones for tail thickness. Also provides twisting to tail directional turning.

Rex was a fun build, and kid had many battles. However, he will be getting the breakdown to use for other MOC ideas.

As usual, thanks for checking this creation out, and till next build. Keep being creative, and building


I like it! The way you used the open ends of those CCBS bones to emulate the fingers was a nice idea.

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That is a nice build I bet he had some fun with it.

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I like the salamadrian body proportions, though it could be more streamlined with less gaps

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I love the tongue.

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Look at those cute little arms.

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@Stoax Thanks, and when I started this build that was one idea I knew I was going to do. the small CCBS bone as the hand claw. I know there are a few ways to do claws, but I thought for my kid this would be good.

@Sealman133 he did, but then he got a few creator dinosaurs kits, and this guy was not so cool. Especially with the 4th model the kit makes, and that is why this one goes the way of the Dinosaurs.

@Rockho I understand what your saying with the gaps, but with so many MOCs I have built, still more to post about. I am limited on a good variety of my parts to use. So I tried other ways to fill the areas.

@BBricks I worked another dragon type MOC and thought the mouths are so empty for a dragon. So came up with different parts, and this one is just another version of one. I mean does a T-Rex really need flame breathe?

@Invader Winner of the cute comment, HAHA, first comment of this category and gave me a good laugh, thanks, and glad you enjoyed the MOC too.

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Haha that is nice.

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