Moc: Dreyn Visla

Dreyn Visla. Honorable, powerful, determined, loyal, brave, and cunning, are all words the people of Madalore have used to describe him.

Dreyn took control over Mandalore after challenging the previous ruler to single combat, after his victory, Dreyn made a point to better the lives of his people, public opinion says, he saved Mandalore.

It is clear to any Mandalorian, that Dreyn deeply admires his grandfather, Pre Visla, going so far as to train with a light saber, in honor of the dark saber Pre once used.

Dreyn reorganized and reformed the Death Watch, into an elite fighting force for Mandalore, to combat the terrorist group that would threaten him, the Mandalorian Rogues.

Being the ruler of Mandalore, Dreyn is extremely skilled in all forms of combat, carrying a small arsenal of weaponry on him at all times.

The first weapon he carries is a D9-88 Shock blaster, designed to fire two shots at once, with three settings, stun, normal bolt, and disintegration.

His next weapon of choice is his non-lethal T3 defense baton.

Next is Dreyn’s left gauntlet, which holds his standard Mandalorian flamethrower and grappling hook.

Last but certainly not least, is Dreyn’s custom built light saber, which he made based on old saber schematics and scraps from old jedi sabers.

Dreyn visla is truly a man who will be immortalized in history, and remembered as the true son of Mandalore.

If you’re interested, here’s Dreyn’s youtube video.

Anyway, thank you for your time, and may the force be with you.


This looks great, and the story would imply he is the new Mandalore.

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I’ve written a bunch different things about new Mandalores, it’s a very cool history and legacy to give to a character.

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They are very interesting, Dreyn and his story play a big role in the star wars story I’m writing.

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All of your star wars mocs have the same body

Its a pretty great moc, nothing too complex but its awesome nonetheless, can’t wait to see more from you!!

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Indeed they do, I suppose I was just so proud of this design I got stuck using it, I’m planning on doing very different things for future star wars mocs, like Obi-wan at some point.

Simplicity is my preference, saves pieces for the most part. And thank you for the feedback, I hope to not disappoint.

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The 2015 armour piece on the torso looks a bit off with the look that the rest of the MOC has, but other than that, this looks awesome.

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This is a sweet moc, and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only person who does star wars mocs
(granted I only posted one of them)

Neat. Here, have my like

Have you considered making a stop motion video with one of your other mocs or a undecimated character as it would be wicked

Anyway i do like this moc a lot keep it up

your torso works far better for this guy

As a huge Pre Visla fan, this delivers.


Awesome, I’m really glad.