★ MOC. Ɲeegalhena The Harpy


Neegalhena is a semi-organic body controlled by a female Artificial Intelligence designed for combat.
Her body is light but strong, she is able to move at dizzying speeds to finish her goal. She can summon wings of energy with which she levitates and swords she uses to slice her victims.
He has now developed autonomy over his protocols and has escaped from the facilities where she was being held when she was not in combat area.

☆Please let me know your thoughts it the comments! ^-^


Great work as usual! I can’t quite see a ‘face’ in this though, even with your drawing depicting the sort of bubble on the head. The backwards Elda just doesn’t look right to me.

Well, you don’t have to see a face, you have to see a helmet with a screen

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Well done. The way the Elda is worked in with the rest of the head makes for a very creative design. I also like how you found use for those Vahki brain pieces, something I haven’t seen too commonly used on MOCs.

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Very creative head design. Love the unique look.

It’s the name of the mask you used.

Oh thank you, I don’t really knew many names of the Inikas’s masks

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One of my favorites that you’ve done. My only pitnick, and it’s a minor one for sure, is that the color of the toe claws should match the color of the finger claws. And they do make those types of claws in the spring green color too, so it is possible to match them.

Otherwise, great stuff. The trans blue spines coming out of the back in “power up” mode are really rad.

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