MOC Elemental Guardian

Here is another MOC that was just a random night build. It has had some little tweaks here and there to get to this. The truth is it started with the feet, stacking Hero Factory feet on Rahkshi, and then i wanted to include the silver bones into the build. Thus I figured I was using silver, and purple as the main colors. I include black armor, because my silver armors are in other MOCs, most I haven’t posted anywhere yet. Lastly, I wanted to make use of a Hero Factory villain Drilldozer helmet for this guy just to use an old mask in a new way.

Made the tail all silver bones, and gave him a tri-claw end. The back upper armor works, but not completely sold with keeping it there.

As a guardian type creature it has forearm gunmetal grey blades with crystal spikes to add more stabbing and slicing. Also in the tri-claw tail the cone in the middle is how it shots crystal darts for a medium range attack. But it relies on its close combat skills to defend it’s objective.

Thanks for checking this guardian, hope you enjoyed. Till next build, keep being creative and building, Laters


It has the “brute” appearance going well, only issue I have is the Ninjago blade-piece thing from the lower leg “mixed” around.

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I really like the tail and maskgood job!

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Very unconventional proportions and armor placement. It could’ve easily turned out as an awkward mess, but you somehow managed to make it work very well

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@Square thank you, and I see the view your coming from with the blade pieces, but I just felt the legs were a bit bare. I will work on trying out other parts and weapons to make the build better

@Sealman133 Thanks, I have made a few tail designs. This one was different because it was my first time trying a tri axel piece at the core of the tail end. I will have others to come.

@Rockho Thank you, I was trying for it to be different, but I enjoyed your words and agree with you. It could have turned into a mess, and at first it was but I kept tweaking. I only posted this version after I was not messing with it for awhile.

Also thank you to everyone stopping by and checking this MOC out, until next build. keep building and be creative

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