MOC: Ero

I was looking at all the Keet-orange parts I had (which wasn’t much), and it bothered me that they didn’t have a home. Thus, this Agori-sized thing was made. Something I like about him is that he is mostly custom. He uses his own unique body, feet, hands, and head, and actually has a fairly consistent color scheme, aside from the Metru-red. I also really enjoy his weapons. They start out as shredder claws (In Venom’s voice), and can turn into hidden turrets. I think I may be addicted to tiny, hidden guns. Along with the weapon switch, his feet switch into a fan-like wheel things. (I guess?). These allow him to move forward fast and strafe quite easily, but otherwise, you can’t move his legs very well. Aside from the lack of movement in his legs, I think he is a fairly solid set. Let me know what you guys think of him below.

Imgur link: Ero - Album on Imgur


The custom head looks cartoony, but I like it!


lol I can’t help but laugh at this. The face is just too funny! The MOC is very symmetrical. I love what you did with the cordak blaster ammo. Very creative MOC. Nice work.


it’s pretty good.

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The colours feel pretty hodgepodge, but I love that head! #Duckface


Why, thank you!

@legomaster1378 I can’t unsee it! NOOOOO!!


Funny, because I saw it more of a frog face than a duck face.


Nice moc

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The aliens stole our night vision goggles.

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