MOC. Ṡeysiris The ᗐoid traveler


Ṡeysiris is a female Kamarian from his planet Kamarios Alpha. At the age of twenty, she fell in love with Cranto Endok, a bounty hunter who was stayed at the service station where she worked. Cranto was working with Yukxel, Linxie and Nomak but left them to be with her. In the next three years Cranto continued to accept some solo missions. One of these didn’t go well. He had to steal some industrial batteries from a mining base, by failing to achieve his goal he ended up as a prisoner of the one who had sent him that job. Seysiris, being pregnant, had to flee the planet not to be captured too. She gave birth to her Daughter Steela, alone in her spaceship, in the cold space vacuum. Nine years later she is still looking for Cranto.
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I’m stunned, that head/face design is incredible and the colours used are pretty good. Did I mention the whole build looks completely solid?

Actually that describes the whole thing, solid.


I’m pretty sure if I throw it on the ground it would barely break

Lucky lime isn’t in the colour scheme then.


Loving the torso design and those hand cannons, perfection!
Is the cloth piece round the mouth standard lego or is it custom?
Great moc :+1:

The shaping on this is really well done.

I like the turnout of this. The trans orange adds a bit more life to the black and silver, and creates a cool effect behind the visor. The head and cannons are well designed too.

This looks really cool and it has a space vibe imo

I don’t know how you do it, but you do phenomenal work as always

The moc is cool but i Really like the artwork the most!

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What piece is that jaw-line made out of?

I think it’s just cloth.

It’s so easy.