MOC: Freddy

Another no-namer, so he'll be named Freddy. (bcuz he's brown and scary and has sharp parts and has the physique of a bear and is secretly a child's soul tra-) He's big, he has posable wings, and a scythe I stole off of Google Images. He has custom feet, too. In the picture, his right foot is messed up, just ignore it. (He also has the neck of a giraffe)
Imgur link:


picture of feet


now I'm not crazy and it is just feet


The most intimidating FNAF Character ever, Feet Freddy.
[All the FNAFanboyz Rave]


As mentioned in another topic - you need to post a pic of the full MOC. Showing just the feet is not helpful stuck_out_tongue

Also, the imgur link is non-existent. Please fix this so we can see the MOC

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ok, I may not be a mod but I'm stopping this here,
post a full body shot in the topic, the album is for additional views.
this foot thing you're doing is annoying.

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Alright, I made the mistake of pressing 'create topic' without including the Imgur link. I also changed the picture, as requested. For some reason, I couldn't reply until I fixed the topic's first post, so sorry about the tense wait of tenseness.

he got dat Ek neck.

eh, kind of overdetailed.
not horrible.

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his neck is way too long

dat neck tho


Welcome to the club.

You will never live down that neck.

Trust me.

I know.


You makin' fun of his giraffe neck? It's not even that bad!


OK, so what do we have here?
[Sees Neck]

Plural's Quick Reviews:

  • Legs seem interesting
  • Scythe is cool
  • Color Scheme is Wonky
  • Feet look like two feet on top of each other
  • The Neck is way too long
  • the arms holding the wings look pretty terri-bad

I would give this MOC an overall rating of a 5/10.

Needs Some Work wink

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the fanboys are coming

No but seriously nice MOC love you used a kakama nuva smiley

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I like this MOC man! It's pretty cool. The neck is wonky, but I love it bro.

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I'm ready for freddy.

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Other than his neck being too long, this is perfect.

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(Was downloading pice specialy to male "nope" joke... was dissapoint)

That's what I was going to say -- great MOC, but the name immediately makes me think it's a future FNAF character... #bioniclefnafconfirmed #doitscottcawthon


plz stop

ur hurtin me with fnaf