MOC: fridged

I really need to stop posting female mocs, dont I?

anyway, this is fridged, my only, sorry, ONE of my only two female rahkshi mocs.

fridged is a rahkshi. and she is a she.


god, internet, grow up

anyway, made an older version of the moc a while back, and it was skinny as, so I updated her recently.


(also, so sorry for that one joke. I really couldn't resist)

(also there is a animation test featuring her on my youtube:


Sorr, Nuva-boobs and Rahkshi head...............
nice tho but those....


Nuva boobs + Rahkshi head =/= good MOC choices.
It looks pretty cool.


I'd have to agree, but the Rahkshi head bothers me more than the Nuva chest because they aren't obnoxious and they work.

Her knees are really thing as well, and her ankles, maybe some more coverage there as well, and also her shoulders need some filling in, and the underside of her arms.

But I can the potential!

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I mean everything looks fine, but ignoring the overused mata boobs it's the way that one is oddly on top of the other.

Also the little helmet thing on top of the Rakshi head looks so out of place and breaks the look of the head.


I'll be frank here, I do not like this. The nuvaboobs are out of place, and I really dislike the use of the rahkshi head with that chain hair. Her limbs are strangely blobbish and don't look very stable.


okay. i get it. the moc is cliche as hell. I understand. now, could i please get some help on fixing that.

sorry to sound like a five year old. i just cant abide the constant echo of "nuvaboobs and rahkshi heads".

god. i hate myself.


Don't be sad, it's just a nice bit of criticism. I don't like coming off as too mean.

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No, Hateing myself is my normal state.


in all seriousness, I said that due to feeling like a right jerk for that last coment. trust me, I come here from mocpages, stomping ground of hawkflight (steven). I can take criticism.

and now i sound like more of a jerk.



People don't like the "Nuva Rahkshi boobs" because it makes every single moc that uses that arrangement of parts seem like a recolor of BioRockDude's female mocs. It just seems really overdone and is difficult to pull off without looking generic.

Out of the context of the internet, it's totally alright(there's no fundamental flaws with those design choices... usually) and it may even stick out to you among your mocs. However, when you introduce it to the community, it just seems like a tired trope. For many, it's just like seeing the same moc built by different people, and therefore not being impressive in the slightest. It can be done well, but you kind of need something else to make your moc stick out.

That said, I'm just not getting any of that here. The colorscheme's kind of neat, and the tail is there, but... She just looks generic otherwise.

What I'd do is try to create something that defines her as a character and integrate that into the build. Something you haven't seen done before.


In all seriousness, a subtler chest and this would be great.

I don't really mind the Rahkshi head, I actually think this is a decent MOC.

The animation though reminds me of my early attempts.

it....kinda i. never been great at animation. thats the best so far.

All you need is practice, mate. Practice and something other than Movie Maker.

Which I still use for some reason...

is my use of movie maker that obvious?
anyway, this made me laugh at least

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