Moc: "Gentle Giant"

I had a neat design for something but I struggled to build something around it. After a few tablescrap mocs I put together this thing and I'm confident about this version. I don't really have a story or anything but here's the moc:

I started with the hands but I had a hard time building anything large enough to look natural with it. After two failed versions and scrapping some old mocs that I didn't really care about, I made this. Thing. I literally just finished it so over time I'm going to change a few things like all the red and blue pins and the yellow accents. Anyway here's some more pictures:


get the reference?

Tall bros.

I have an alternative head but I'm not sure how I feel about it. It makes him look a lot more evil than I like.

Good kitty.

Hope you enjoyed.


Is it supposed to have a Mask of Stone? Because otherwise it doesn't fit with the MOC's color scheme. I'll forgive it though if it is intended.

Speaking of the color scheme, I have nothing against black and silver; but having the yellow in there throws things out of whack for me. Personally I'd either add more yellow or remove and replace the yellow peices to keep the consistency.

The build is alright. The arms are a bit questionable though. The shoulders look...disconnected? I think that is the word I am looking for. And I don't know about the hands. To me, they look functional and a little awkward at the same time.

Otherwise, it's okay MOC. I feel it could use some tweaking here and there though.


I think the second mask works better, the first one just doesn't fit a "giant" theme. Other wise I really like the guy, especially the torso design.

This guy is well built and well armored. The mask color doesn't really fit but that's ok. The only thing I would change would be the mixel joint thumbs they look a little off.

Pretty cool. I definitely prefer the second head, though. The torso looks really well done, as do the lower legs.

However, the lower arms could use a little more complexity somehow, and the hands seem a bit too large. Also, the trans purple parts on the feet are out of place. You could replace them with the "black robot arm" pieces you have as fingers, unless the trans purple parts have some story significance.

So, overall, I like it. It's really just a few minor things, so great job.