MOC:Goliath Iota: The Remnant Titan [V5]

Goliath Iota is the last remaining survivor of an extinct species. His species was wiped out of existence due to constant war and conflict. Ultimately, the utilization of antimatter for weaponry is what brought the destruction of his home planet, Goliath was part of a space program, which is why he was left as the only wittness to his planets destruction.

Eventually he discovered other planets with inhabitants. noticing the significant differences in development he came to a conclusion. That it was not as simple as being unlucky that lead to his species' fate, but it was the constant misuse of technology paired with a badly developed culture. With that in mind goliath founded the Star-Clan, with the original purpose of correcting the issues that lead to his races destruction,in an attempt to save other civilizations.

What happened afterwards was a monumental failure. With the the many civilizations built off of war rejecting the offer, some even committing to A war against them. With the final war, Goliath lost many freinds and became a ruthless leader, bringing a change to the Star-Clan. he decided that to prevent more war, he was to "Cleanse the unsuitable planets," developing a system to define each planets fate. Steps listed as so.

First, a star-clan embasador would be sent to the world, They would greet the civilization, learn their culture and understand their world. They would then submit the information via a genisis core.

Result A: viable uplift. If a civilization was proven to be ready for uplifting, the civilization would then be given the technology for interplanetary travel, as well as a genisis core to communicate with the star-clan.

Result B: Enlightenment If a civilization is proven to be a low level problematic type, the civilization will be offered assistance. if the civilization accepts, they will be guided towards a better future.

Result C: "Cleansing" If a civilization is thought to be unrecoverable, a genisis core Would be injected into the planets core and then detonated, causing volcanic eruptions as well as plate shattering and total environment collapse under a mattter of hours. Afterwards the planet is reformed and reseeded for life to begin again.

Personality: Goliath was once a person with good intentions, but years of loss and failure has turned him into a harsh broken person. He was once a victim of extinction, looking to prevent other species from experiencing the same fate, but now believes that extinction will be the only solution for the "unrecoverable".

Weapons systems: Because if his species's war-like culture, they have developed modifications to their own bodies. At will, Goliaths torso Becomes fully weaponized, with a set of automatic rocket launchers, and Freeze lazers to weaken armour, and heat lasers to cook his enemies in their tracks.

Weaknesses: Goliath Iota has a strong set of armor, but his weapon systems render him vulnerable in many ways. The main limitation is because the weapon systems Installed have replaced several important organs that were once needed. So, using too much of the thermal weaponry, his body could either start to cool down, or overheat his body temperature.

View from front, right, back, and left.

Freeze Rays

Heat Rays

Plasma Auto-Cannons

--------------------------------------Further limb detail-----------------------------------------
The head

Torso: With weapons

Torso: Without weapons






Additional info:
-Goliath stands at 21 inches (Not counting "shoulder-blades"), and 9 inches wide.
-Story wise, hes about the size of the mata-nui robot.
-If a planet proves to be too difficult to extinguish, he Would be the last person to arrive. Hes basically the final boss of sorts.

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so.... 21 inches... I guess that's tall? how many CM is that
oh also; MOTHER OF GOD

so... half a meter, that's huge


Personally, I would have added more to the head, but this is really cool.

@Asriel Multiply 2.54 by 21.


This make me want to upload an old giant Moc of mine that I made about 1-2 years ago.

Cooooooooooool. I wish I had that many parts in silver, or gold..

That's... emm... how do I put this...


The MOC looks REALLY cool, it definitely gives off a colossus look.

I swear I've seen this before, I just can't remember where. It still looks epic.

Well i have several versions on mocpages and one previous version on an older page here, I would have edited that page and redone it, but the site wouldn't let me update it, the button just wasn't there.

@ToaSonus Any suggestions? I'm open for em, maybe I'l add horns... and maybe if I find a way to, Id like to add more Eyes...

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wow, that's big

redundant comment is redundant, I know. but honestly, that is huge

I appreciate the comment regardless of the repetitiveness

He's enormous

How long did it take you to build him

He remind me of something from Evangelion. Groovy.

I love the way the torso is built.
I love the build of the whole thing.
Strangely enough the red and blue pins don't bother me on this MOC.
The head is simple compared to the rest of the MOC, but again it reminds me of this.

Overall really groovy MOC man.


This is amazingly big and cool. I am inspired.
I might make the head more interesting though.

Wow, that is... Amazing! Great colors, great build, and so, so, so, so big!


Omfg. That is huge. I'm actually gaining a very serious yellow tint from awe.

Head would definitely need some work,otherwise it's a pretty cool MOC,for it's size.

This is really awesome! You made the MOC really nice in this scale without it being too cluttered, and that's something very rare.

I like the cyclops eye, but I think the head itself could use more defining features. Maybe remake the head with system parts, but keep with the general idea. I think it would help if the neck was bit longer.

Hello Orthopox...Glad to See You Again... ☺️

And as for you, saxton.

@ToaSonus Maybe, but the head design was built to look like hes wearing a hood, that particular part fits perfectly to me, nothing else would look the same, I can see about adding more detail like wiring, though.

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