MOC: Hook jaw fish

this fish lives deep in the ocean with razor sharp fins it tackles its prey cutting and shredding it up. they also use another tactic by laying on there stilts exposing there belly fooling other fish in to thinking its dead.snapping back to life and chopping down on prey that comes to close. there are not picky eating anything they can fit in there mouth and they have a un-hinging jaw.

this moc is “poop” I know. I was bored and wanted to make a predator to hunt my “BIG BLUE” moc. I just wanted it to have some what of a tube shape.

whos got butter?

ideas from the footballfish, lionfish and the tripod fish


Nice use of gudunka’s head

That third picture down…that’s actually got a really nice intimidating look to it.

The other angles are quite a bit weaker, but I think it gets the job done pretty well.

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Looks more of a bold dragon than a fish tbh.
The head is has a solid look, but the build slowly get meh toward the tail.

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This looks nice. Although it looks a bit more like a Chinese dragon than a fish.

It is a fish or a dragon? And why do you do a lot of fish mocs?

WHAT? I’ve done two!? BIG BLUE and hook jaw
and its a fish its literally in the title

I was referring at the fact that BIG BLUE and Hook jaw fish are both inspired by real aquatic creatures.

I loved the series ware they where underwater and they hade to fend off the creatures of the deep like my favorites pridak,nocturn,gadunka,takadox. and I rather base my mocs of real animals because your eye relates them to real things.