★Moc. Ignite soldier


One of the most dangerous special forces of Nhecron’s army who stay in the front line sweeping all in their way shooting their plasma-wave weapons.

-Heavier weapon-

☆Please let me know your thoughts it the comments!


Nice moc! Leally love the gun it is great but can’t stop to think i have seen it some where but i digress this moc gets a 9/10.

Woah this is really cool.

Nice build, though I think the juxtaposition of the spiky armour on the forearm doesn’t flow with the rounded elements of the rest of the moc. The gun is great, reminds me of gypsy dangers plasma cannon arm. Good job :+1:

Strong submission! That weapon is fantastic. And amazing pics, as always.

Looks great.

Smooth design. I love it.

The weapon looks awesome and the build is pretty solid