MOC: Iron Giant

MOC #4. The main objective i had while building it was having a lot of detail. In the end, i am satified with the final result. I gave it a krana ca because regular kanohi looked too big on the head and the Ca is the one i think looks better on a toa headpiece.


this is quite nice


Same as your other MOC,
it's simple,but i like how it looks.

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The MOC is meh to me. Its not bad, but it just doesn't have anything to make it unique. My biggest issues lay in the neck and the color scheme to an extent, as I think all the shades of Gray don't always mesh well in my opinion.

I would give it a 7/10.

Good Job! grinning

the color is something i could never change. in concept, the iron giant is, well.. just that! an iron giant. a steel golem. shades of gray are the only thing who can give it justice

I know, but sometimes color is a necessary aspect to a MOC. Maybe if you change the Eyestock color into something a bit more noticeable and the chest light the same color. wink

hands look funny


This is cool, looks like Mata Nui.

Wait, what?! This is a Piraka build? Wow. You Sir, are good at mocing.

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Great job, I normally don't like gray in MOC'S, but t works well with this MOC.

Then, The Pegasus Iron Giant blows up, saving the entire Matoran Population. Wadda Hero. cry

how does he blow up?

He rams into a falling Red Star, coming towards Spherus Magna. Wadda Hero... Again. joy

waaaaaiiiit. is that a reference to the movie the Iron giant?

Yup. Wadda Hero...Again twice. sob


@Plural wait! your reference doesn't make sense! the continuity where the giant exists, spherus magna doesn't exist

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Just replacing terms here and there. wink

why don't we just make a new continuity just for this reference

The "Iron Giant" Bionicle Universe, where the Iron Giant launches from Makuhero City onto Spherus Magna, where he meets an Agori named Tarduk.

Being that 'The Iron Giant" was my childhood movie "I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE"