MOC: Kasai, leader of the Okotan Guardians (Self-MOC)

Kasai was an honorary Toa during, and just prior to, the time of Unity.

Having woken up on Okoto’s shores shortly after the Toa rescued Ekimu, with no memory, he was brought to Tahu and trained under him for only a few days.

Soon after, Kasai and the rest of his newly formed team were sent to locate the ancient Mask of Imitation, which had been stolen from it’s resting place below ground.

When Kasai and his team returned, the city of the Mask Makers was under attack, and nearly in ruin, quickly they joined the fight, helping to finish the last of the Shadow Horde.

After Ekimu returned and informed them of the Toa’s brave sacrifice, Kasai and his team abandoned their titles of Toa, to honor the heroes who gave their lives for Okoto.

Now Kasai and the surviving members of his team have dedicated themselves to protecting Okoto in the Toa’s place.

Kasai only has two weapons besides his elemental powers, his dual retractable swords.

Thank you for your time and feedback.


Seems pretty boring tbh, could really use something to make it stand out.


Being my self-moc, I designed him to look pretty average, because I’m not anyone special.

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Well I have took inspiration from you while modding before. So I wouldn’t say you’re that average.
Edit: that was a little creepy when I re-read that.

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Pretty much what Saxton said. Needs some armor on the back of the waist. Maybe try some more custom limb designs.

You have?

@Maethorneth Kasai isn’t a character that I have any interest in giving custom limbs, it would throw off the look more than I want.

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Reminds me of Looch

And yes.

Other than the red and silver, and the mask of fire, they aren’t very similar.

@DigitalDeath3321 Alright.

I really quite like this design.


Sleek. Simple. Custom torso. Neat backstory. I like it. I like it a lot.

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I’m glad you both like it.

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Simple but I like it. He’s not special but none of his designs are bold enough to fail, which results in what appears as a solid, durable and good looking figure.

Nice work.


You basically summarized exactly what I was going for with him.

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Looks good, like how he small and simple, but maybe some tires for the arms and legs to fill the gaps?

Not bad, just a little bland.

(Poses well though, so that helps)