MOC: Kopaka, Master of Ice

Thought I’d take a break from all the Technic stuff and try my hand at a CCBS build. I wanted to re-do the 2015 Kopaka because in my honest opinion, the new Kopaka isn’t all that good. After taking some time to work with CCBS, I think I still like the old Technic-based system better. It’s just more interesting, but the CCBS does make for a nice, relaxing, and overall easier build.

Just pictures here: Kopaka, Master of Ice | Flickr


I got to say, I really like this MOC. I’m a very big fan of that Technic torso. :grinning:


I sense a new MOCblock roast entry

Or maybe not

We shall see


@Ekorak Lol, you guys weren’t nearly as cruel as I was anticipating. :wink:

@MaskmakerOfLight Thank you!

It’s not bad. Quite good actually.