(MOC) Kora

It is a drone that is owned by bounty hunter. The bounty hunter built it so that she didn't have to 'get her hands dirty' but still get payed.

This MOC uses no HF peices.

some of the pictures are too big so i can't upload them


the limbs and lower torso are meh, but the gun and upper torso look nice. Them feet sorta look funny tho

i will try to improve it

if you need any tips on custom limbs or torsos we on this Message boards can help...

The mata feet on her shoulders really don't work well, and her arms really seem too long. Other than that, I have no real complaints. It's good.


the arms were build longer to make it easier for it to kill

but thank you for the help

Instant 10/10


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The use of Toa Mata torso is an unusual decision, and applied well. I like it.
Feet are also interesting. I am not a fan of faceless heads though, but that is just my subjective.

I have a fundamental problem with the look of this

as a drone
it looks too clean and symmetrical to be a built from scavenged parts,
but it looks too unrefined to be professionally made,
it's weird middle point which I personally don't like.

honestly I would like it better if it looked more salvaged, or used ccbs to look solid and clean(think portal).

Well this looks like a nice start, but you should change the mata feet from the upper arms since they look really awkward, also you should try to integrate more the upper torso with the mata torso to make it look more solid, now in case you get stuck while improving the moc remember that the best ideas come when you least expect them.

Regardless of story explanation, the limbs really should be shortened. I love the colors though!

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i cant take any more pictures because the files are too big

I like what you did with this moc, You are trying to stray away from the inika build and thats okay because the torso is somewhat technic, I also respect that you have that mata body piece from 2001/2003.

Try shrinking the files. A quick Google search will show you how.

that's what I always try to do

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I have made some improvements


her limbs seem... too long, compared to her torso Bow seems odd considering how it's built. I question why bulk her up but you must be making her a commando/heavy character, right?

I want to keep the limbs long so that she doesn't look to much like a human.

yes, but I'm suggesting another, longer torso. If you want instructions some of us can make some torso designs...

wait why not keep it to human anatomy? I know it's for the hunting thing but why not just put an elongation/extension gimmick or just give her whips and crud?

I'll go the opposite route of jmp,

why not go all out on the proportions and make it obviously not human?