Moc: Kulta, the Skull Grinder

Personally, I loved Kulta when I first got the set, but he remained kinda basic for awhile. I figured it was time my Kulta got an upgrade.

Sadly I had to replace his original horns, they continued to fall out until I lost them, I eventually found them, but I’d prefer horns that won’t fall out.

His limbs are fairly similar to his original limbs, just lengthened to better fit the longer torso.

One of two main things I wanted to focus on with this moc was upgrading Kulta’s staff, making it look more intimidating, and as if it’s powered by the jem below the flames.

I think he came out pretty well. And it’s nice to have another moc for my group of intimidating villain mocs

Thank you for your time and feedback.


Once again I feel like this is more of a downgrade.
I don’t like the double friction adders on the legs, the lack of the 2015 gear function and the different horns


i like it but it is kinda basic, although he does remind me of skull grinder from the mask of control android game


Hades, is that you?


When I first saw this I thought you had barely changed it. Then I saw that you added a uniter torso, got rid of the wheels at his armpits, filled in all the gaps the original had, and lengthened his limbs to give him proper body proportions (which the other one lacked terribly).

At first glance it seems the same, but this is a really nice moc that fixes a lot of the problems the original had while retaining the original’s look. Great Job :thumbsup:

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I love that staff. It’s especially great with the added flame pieces.

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