MoC: Kyrana Andryssa

Well hello, board members! I made another MoC finally! This one was kind of an experiment in a lot of ways. Firstly, it’s my first MoC to use predominantly CCBS instead of the G1 system. Second, IT HAS A CUSOM HEAD! I’d really like to hear you guy’s feedback on the head, since it’s something I’d like to improve upon in the future. Alright, here she is:

Alright, let’s discuss the elephant in the room. The axles on the lower legs.
They’re like that om purpose, but I’m kind of unsure about them. They’re there to represent spikes or metal studs. Tell me what you think about them, because I’m not sure. They could very easily be replaced with black axles.
Here’s a shot of her wiht her weapons, twin daggers.

Side view.

@Nyran shot.

Close up of the back. Due to the nature of the torso and those claw pauldron thingies, it kind of juts out around the shoulders.

While we’re on the subject of the torso, here’s a shot showing how it’s made.

Credit for the hands goes to @Hafynx. I hope it’s OK that I used these.

Here’s a shot showing how the weapons are attatched to the hands.

I made her a blaster, too, but I couldn’t find a way to store it on her.

However, with the assistance of a few (grey) pins, her daggers can be stored like so.

Welp, that’s about it. I hope you enjoyed the MoC, and if you didn’t, tell me why so I can improve! Oh, and if the photos look a little weird, it’s because I slightly edited them in an attempt to make them look better. Unfourtunately, this is the best camera I have, so I tried to make up for the bad definition by improving my lighting. I guess you could say it was “a good effort”…


The exposed axles and chest armor really bug me.

Other then that, looks cool.


I actually like the protruding axels quite a lot but the chest armor could use some improvement.

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Is there anything in particular that bothers you about it? I could probably replace it with a different piece.

It just seems to look a bit out of place since it is a ball-shaped chest and the only other circular part is kind the head.

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Automatic plus. Love the dagger storage too.


Looking at the MoC now, you do have a point. I’m not sure what I can do about, though, aside from redoing the torso. Oh, and a little late, but, welcome to the Boards!

I really love this moc. Only recommendation I have is making some different feet.

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Something about the legs feel off.
I see what you are trying to do, but it could flow better. Maybe reduce the angle in some way and slim it down. It is hard to say.

This moc is really cool. My one thing is, if I were you, I’d swap the current feet for black protector feet.

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I tried it out and you’re right, I think they are better. Thanks!

While protector feet would make the legs fit with CCBS a bit more, it will also make them look more organic so it’s kinda a trade off.

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Thanks man!

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Mmm, that does bring up something. What I was going for with the color and texture blocking was to use the CCBS to represent the “organic” parts, while the black and light grey represented more mechanical parts or armor. Also, the Bohrok feet had better stability. I still think I have a slight preference for the Beast feet, though.

i love everything about it, sans the head. im sorry :frowning:

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It’s OK man. People have opinions XD.
Anyway, glad you enjoyed the rest of the MoC. If there’s anything in particular you would change about the head, tell me, because I’d like to get better at making custom heads. To be honest, the head was kind of lazily made.

Looks interesting.

nice moc , also those legs look really cool.

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I really like the head.