MOC: Lego Butterfly Knife (Balisong)

So, I am currently in the process of moving, and a few days ago, I had to clean out my closet. After I had gotten all of the big things out of the way, there were quite a few stray parts that had been left on the ground. With these parts, I decided to make something. This idea is like one of those shower thoughts: You’d just be pondering life n’ such and you’d have an epiphany. From that shower, this MOC was born.

And before anyone comments on it, yes I know the color scheme is all janked up. These were the only parts I currently have at my disposal.
On top of that, I can think of a number of ways to improve this MOC. Every product has its flaws. Besides the colors, I wanted to also have the technic lift arms as handles, instead of the bricks with holes on the sides. It also has a few performance issues.

As you can see, it easily can become hung on itself, so I am already trying to figure out new ways to improve it. I do believe that a part of the problem is that the weight of this MOC is significantly different from an actual balisong. This thing is nearly weightless compare to a real one. I guess, just think of this model as a prototype. I want to make more like this that fit my vision of what I had originally intended. That being said, what would you guys do to make it better? Did you like it? Did you hate it? Tell me what you think.


I’ve found that Technic beams are better, with rubber bands attached to some pegs at the side to keep the blade from slipping out the side.


Huh, I never thought about rubber bands, and I guess I forgot to show the inside, but I do have pegs that hold the handles together and keep the blade from moving. I also added my own version of a zen pin.

Pretty good design, despite being a bit clunky.

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a new reason to be afraid when walking down those dark alleyways
but this is pretty good


Really nice

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