MoC: Librox Venator - mercenary

Unfortunately, Toa Onepu (my previous self Moc) had to be murdered in order to make my new one.

So, this is my new self Moc, Librox Venator, he is a mercenary who has lost his weapon until my exams are over. He is not entirely finished, because I have exams and I wanted to get him ready to show to y’all. (please pardon my French)

Briefly, his backstory is that he is a mercenary who has been known to work with both the Order Of Mata Nui. He is a smuggler, much like Bayle Domon (references that no one will get. Forever alone in my own Wheel of Time community :sleepy:) and he will smuggle things from the Dark Hunters to the Order of Mata Nui, and he likes to collect old things.

(Let me know if you have read The Wheel of Time.)

Also if you have any critisism, let me know. Things such as the:
And his weapon will come in the following weeks, but more than likely after the next two weeks due to exams.


The custom torso is a nice design, although the waist looks a bit thin. The same goes for all the joints. Nice parts usage, but I think his appearance could ‘flow’ a bit better, if you know what I mean.

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Yeah, he doesn’t exactly flow too much, plus he gives off a lanky appearance. His colors are executed well, but his head is strange, (again) there isn’t much flow, and he has no back armor.

Oh yeah, I couldn’t find a head that I liked so I just slapped one on there. Also, I wanted to make it flow a bit more and have it be more smooth, but i didn’t have the time so I just built each limb individually.

Looking good, but he’s a little lanky. The arms and legs could use some bulk, or at least some tires on the bare axles.

The elbows are way too thin. Otherwise, good job.

Unfortunately, all of my tires, spare two, had been used on previous Mocs, but I ordered more for the elbows, knees, and ankles, but thanks for suggesting it.

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Nice job with the color scheme!

Nice MOC


The MOC is pretty cool, but the legs feel a bit too thin.

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I like it, also where is the red vorox armor from?

I think it’s from that t-Rexish set in 09 but I’m not sure.

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I believe that’s from XPlode.

I like the torso and legs, but it seems too skinny in the shoulders, elbows, and neck. The hands look too small, though that may just be the perspective of the pictures.

I like the armor the best. The color scheme is very nice and is portrayed well throughout your MOC. Good job!

@Rac oh yeah. They’re defdinatly too small.

@HaliTheMaskMaker thanks!

@Toa_Onepu You’re welcome! Keep up the good work.

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