MOC: Lor, Toa of Light

This is Lor, character-wise he's my favorite MOC. I wrote an interesting bio for him, and I think the music and effects on the video itself really compliment it. Sorry if it's hard to see, though.

NOTE: The biography is a lot cooler if you read it with the video playing. stuck_out_tongue
NOTE: Credit for the upper arm design goes to KylerNuva135.

Bio: Long out of Matoran folk-lore and literature comes a being so shrouded in disbelief and awe that not even his true name has survived the uncanny wear of time. Nicknamed 'Lor' for his role in Matoran folk-lore, this ancient being has existed since long before the appearance of the Toa Mata, the Matoran, and some speculate that he existed even before Mata Nui was known to be. The Matoran know almost nothing of this mysterious being, or what his role is in their history. In fact, so few remember the stories of this being that he has been reduced to the smallest sliver of myth and legend, and that's where folk-lore comes to fill in the ever mind-racking blanks.

Legend has it that Lor was a Toa of Light, the first to ever exist. He was the lone guardian of what is now the Matoran universe, appointed by the Great Beings themselves. He made what they know into the sanctuary it is now. But, a great evil known as the Makuta saw the power that Lor held so responsibly at his disposal, and was unforgiving in his jealousy. The Makuta made a plot to corrupt the noble warrior, to turn him against the universe, to make him feel the pain of exile. He ravaged the universe with a wrath dwelling in him so pure and powerful, that upon his use of it, Lor was horribly mutated. His white armor turned a sickly black hue, and an atrocious tail sprouted out of his body. The Makuta took Lor's place upon the pedestal, and banished Lor to the far reaches of the universe, in which Lor has grown ashamed of his form and wishes to conceal it. But alas, he has been forever plagued by the Makuta's evil, and his mind has slowly ebbed away in his solitude, making him hardly superior to common Rahi. This once great and noble warrior is slowly being eaten alive by his sentence, and now only survives in the tales of the Matoran, waiting to be forgotten.

Golden one, o Golden one,
Where hast thou been?
Thou once smote dark evil
Now wallow in thine sin

Golden one, o Golden one,
Where hast thou gone?
Thou hath fallen to shadow
And left us defenseless fawn

Golden one, o Golden one,
We thought thou not live
Thou hath left us in silence
T'is better forget than forgive



I will always be an advocate of the Kualsi, and seeing it used on a Toa of Light is certainly a sight to behold. Very nice.

Thanks a lot!

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Iruikshi mask? Nice.

Hard to see, but from the looks of it the MOC is standard fare.

Not that standard is bad in this case. It works rather well.


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