MOC Mako Model 17B ANUBIS

A moc I’ve been working on and wanted to know your guys (and gals) opinion. I have the official backstory on my Flickr

New version Sigma A.N.U.B.I.S Symbiotic model 18A Phase Two

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Changed Catergory -OT

pick white grey and red and replace everything to make it consistent

I’m not trying to sound mean, but, I don’t like it. The color scheme isn’t great, the build is good (so is the concept), but something else about it doesn’t seam appealing to me. I’m just stating my opinions, no bullying or harassment here! :smiley:


ok will do thanks for the advice

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Clearer pictures would help a lot.

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I understand I am working on a recolor and maybe new parts


That’s GREAT!