MOC| Makuta Onua: The Necromancer of Okoto

My idea Behind this MOC was first brought up after seeing the Toa Okoto combination MOCs, so I thought, "Hey! I've got a Skull Basher and Onua Okoto, why not make a combination MOC of the two enemies?" A Skull Basher/Onua Okoto Combination MOC.

Then I thought of the style of the MOC. So I came up with the idea of, what would happen if Onua died and the Skull Basher stole his mask to bring to Makuta?

The answer was, Makuta would reanimate Onua's undead body by bringing new life into the mask with corruption and darkness, to serve as a leader for the Skull Bashers to be brought back to life by the newly reborn Makuta Onua. So here it is: My first Combination MOC EVER!!!

Full Front Preview

Full Back Preview

Examples of Pose-Ability

(NOTE: This Front Torso's skeletal structure, consists completely of bone pieces, hence the need for the custom upper arms and lower legs)

(NOTE: Seeing how I needed to make custom legs, due to my limitations of bone pieces, I thought about making his lower half a bit more bull-like , so then I added the Skull Spider legs to look like sharp uncut toes, and the tuffs to act like they're covering large leg muscles)

I feel proud of how this came out, seeing how limited some of the axle and bone pieces were, and I hope this will be reviewed because that would make me that happiest person alive to be quite frank. Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my 'Combo' MOC.


Eh it's kinda weird looking and...

Combination MOC.... this looks good! 10/10! Have a cookie! :cookie:


Wow. Awesome! 10/10

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I like it nice moc

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Um... Onua is a good guy...

Oh. Cool.

But, oh please, oh please, only use one exclamation point. Please, oh please.

The MOC seems good. 9/10.

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I think he meant that the two oppose each other, not that they are both villains.


As in they're enemies to each other.

@SammySpartan Thx 4 explanation, on point m8 I r8 8/8!

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This is a great combination!

Also welcome to the boards!

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It's a pleasure to join this friendly community :smile:


Good job. I want to see more of these combiners.

I don't exactly have the money for all the 2015 sets, so yeah... bummer. Though I am trying to get Pohatu Okoto and Skull Scorpio sometime soon.