MOC: Makuta Terimax

This is a revamp of a moc that was originally supposed to be a Takutanuva. It gained so much personality it felt like its own thing. The real feat I had with it-theres not a single bluepin in this moc. How about that @Eljay . :wink:

Terimax was a Makuta that Teridax quickly had eliminated after taking over the Brotherhood out of fear of opposition. Teridax created a rahkshi horde to assist Gorast, and the dark hunters Nidhiki and another unnamed one to assist in executing him in an ambush in his homeland during a supposed arms deal. Terimax killed the unnamed dark hunter along with all of the rahkshi, after which Gorast and Nidhiki finished him in his weakened state. He wielded a protosteel axe, a battle hammer, and a combat scepter.


“Don’t waste your time on that weakling, Teridax. Behold, the Chad, TeriMAX!”

Sorry, I had to…

Very cool MOC, though! I like the shoulders a lot, and building that without a single blue pin is quite a feat. The weapons are pretty cool as well.


The chad Teri. :sunglasses:
Really Teridax just got tired of being called Teri D, the nickname drove him nuts

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Now, that’s a chunky looking Titan, I like it.

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Thank you! He do be a thique boi

My favourite of your mocs but I highly suggest adding a little bit to the forearms

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A lil something but I also don’t think he needs massive forearms


Looks great and I love the building style you used for this titan

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Thank you, I like my designs to really harken back to G1 styles