MOC: Makuta, the Mask Maker

Everyone knows the story of the Mask Makers, so im going to skip that. Onto the MOC!



<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/3X/7/c/7c17e1bf697983a49fe657439151dacd8647d7c8.JPG" width=“666” height=“500”

Making a mask.

“I don’t think this fits correctly.”

Another pose.

Size comparison.

Thanks for taking a look at my MOC, as always, constructive criticism is appreciated! :smiley:


Nothing amazing, but I like it.

More trans purple shell pieces and the hammer is a bit different than the one in the clips but I like it

A tad too much gold.

Otherwise it’s solid.

It looks alright, but it needs more trans purple throughout the overall build.

@Hutere Thanks!
@doomrider The chest armor (except for the middle part) does not come in trans-purple, or I don’t have the pieces in trans-purple. And thanks!
@Joe Some of the pieces on the chest (which it’s pretty obvious to tell what pieces I’m talking about) do not come in trans-purple or I don’t have that piece in that color.
@Oniwah I couldn’t find the trans-purple studs that came in Onua 2016 so I used the solid purple that came in Korgot. And the size 3 CCBS armor that I used on the torso doesn’t come in trans-purple. I think. ALSO THANKS


Quite Cool!

try switching upside down the trans purple shell pieces on his arms so that way we will see a little more of the purple and the add-ons will be higher.

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I love that hammer design!

to bad trans purple doesn’t come in the shorter joints

I like how big and kind of imposing the back spike on the hammer makes the whole hammer look as a result.
It’s pretty nifty.

And, overall, Makuta does look like Makuta as we’ve seen the Mask-Maker brother so far. I so wish they had trans-purple eyes, but the red works well too.

I get that there’s less purple on this, but I like it. The purple is a subtle undertone, and I like that.
Plus in a weird way his color scheme reminds me of a butterknife on a PB&J. With lots of PB smeared on top. Still tasty

Nice work.

@Toa_Aveex Thanks!
@Louimath I tried that at one point, but then I switched the add-ons on the shoulders.
@Ultimate_TChalla Thanks!
@nexolo Yeah, I think I’ve gotten it to look good now since I’ve added more Trans-purple.
@CirkitPurple Thanks!

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Pretty perfect representation of the mayoral styled Makuta, not too much more i can say :wink: