How do you find names for your mocs because I can’t find any good ones.

Name generators, friends, taking the inspiration and plugging it into google translate. Mostly what I use.


One strategy that I use sometimes is altering the name of a character or person who has something to do with the character I’m creating. Ticheli, the name of a famous band composer, became Ticeli, for a Toa of Soncs I made. Similarly, Boromir, from Lord of the Rings, became Borom, a Skrall general.

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I’ve translated English words that describe the moc into Maori, then combined several of those Maori words together to create a name. For example, a moc I made called Karhapa Teo, was a combination of several Maori words such as the words for giant, beast, ice, etc.

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Mostly come up with them in my head. Sometimes I use other languages (Obcasus from latin), my own language (Taival from finnish) or play around with a word or a name (Gail from Abigail).

There was even one time I got a name from a car’s license plate.


I’ve tried it before but it doesn’t work for shadow characters.

Why not?

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Making sort of franken-names out of pre-existing BIONICLE names is a good way to make up a name. Alternatively, you can use a maori translator.

the best method for creating new and original names for your MOCs is simple; Look at the most common baby names in the United States and randomly select one for your character.

It will make it super unique.

Trust me.


Usually I just make things up… although there are certain tricks you can use to get the right sound.

For instance, anything that ends in a guttural sound like ax, ox, ak, ahk, az, or oz will sound like a G1 villain(Chirox, Pridak, Vultraz). Similarly, it can be observed that most Toa names end on an open vowel (Gali, Vakama, Kongu).

Another really easy thing to do is derive your name from a maori word. You could even say it adds a bit of ‘hidden’ meaning, albeit also raising the chances of other people unknowingly choosing the exact same name as you.


most of the time i just go into google translate, type whatever random words associated with the character and translate them in japanese, sometimes it makes something that sounds cool

Ghosty ma dude is just like me, except I usualky translate things to german, maori, or I just grab something from the viking culture

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i used what ever group of letters that pop in my head.

I think of a letter and build up syllables from there. I use syllables that sound close to English. For example, Drakenn, Vartaa, Felrui, etc. I also use Maori words.


Maori words for shadow, fear etc. don’t sound like good names to me.

My head or biblical influences are usually what I use

My personal process:

  • Option 1: Think of the character you want to create and play around with various syllables in your head before even touching your collection of parts.
  • Option 2: If you have a prebuilt MoC that is mostly comprised of a number of official sets, take some of the syllables you like from their names, and haphazardly slap them together until you’re finally satisfied with the finished product.
  • Option 3: Similar to Option 2, except for the fact that you break the names down into a collective pool of letters, limit yourself to using repeating letters only once, and rearrange them to your liking as if you were forming an anagram. Also works with setless characters as well.
  • Option 4: Take a step back, analyze your concept, and repeat Options 2 and 3 after searching up their mythological equivalents or inspirational character sources.
  • Option 5: Pick a fairly generic name or term you like and simply use it.
  • Option 6: Translate said word into a different language, use a thesaurus to potentially find a better one, or both.
  • Option 7: Take a bunch of names or terms that sound similar/possess the same syllables and lazily overlap them onto one another.
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I take 2 or 3 letters and I make them sonda cool using other letters.

Look at word searches and find letters mixed together