MOC: Nimby

"Lol, Nimby."

Inspired by Fenrek. Only things I'm not too fond of are the upper arms so they might be re-done sometime soon. Also not too happy that I had to use rubber bands to keep his lower arm armor in place, but other than those two minor things, this version is a vast improvement on his previous form.

Just photos here:


I think he looks pretty good, very consistant

I can see the inspiration. Cool dude, I like the silver/yellow scheme ya got goin' on.

lovely design, simple and yes very complex

The Bohrok eyes on the pelvis bother me a bit personally, but it's not an issue whatsoever. It's a fantastic moc, good job!

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Hey the BOR did a review of this MOC on the first episode of our series, The MOC Block." If you're interested in our opinions, check it out!

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Ahem, so you don't have to go searching, a nice BOR member has graciously granted you a link to the video.


Hahah, that was actually really entertaining to watch and it was interesting to hear what y'all had to say. It's interesting to see what outside opinions I agree or don't agree with. Thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff, and you've got a subscriber out of me!

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Glad to hear you enjoyed it smile

[insert clever joke here]

Too tired to come up with something clever :P