MOC: Nui Faragu, Elemental Dragon of Magnetism

And jaw-dropping, heh.
This is a rather small MOC. It’s my first try at an animal-like creature, so I’m really happy with it. The idea for this came from a classmate who loves dragons. So I thought to myself: I’ll build a dragon using the CCBS.

So here’s Nui Faragu, enjoy:

From above:

Standing up:

The head, seperated:

The head’s build:

The body’s build, side:

The body’s build, from above:

Some kind of size comparison; Bulsik challenging the beast:

More informations? The island its species lives on is called Namok Nui, the island where this and the whole story surrounding it happens. (Does this count as advertising? If yes, edit it out, random mod passing by)
The name is based on these factors:

  1. Fa- = Magnetism
  2. -ragu = name of the species (dragon-like Rahi)

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this for now.
Have a good day.


It’s adorable! But wait…



I love this beast; the skeleton is a sight to behold! Wings are a bit lackluster, but that’s mostly the fault of the limits of ccbs I guess


Never heard of that. Funny coincidence, I guess?

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Cool! I like the way you designed the head, it makes an effective use of the Fire villain piece.

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Elemental dragon of salsa