MOC of Promethean Knight from Halo 4

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So yeah. I tried to keep it as close as possible to the original Promethean Knight from the game, even including a Watcher in its back and those little things jutting out of their feet, that wasn't just for support. I'm surprised by how close I kept to the color scheme (because normally I don't do that well) and how many trans-orange pieces I have. It is surprisingly sturdy, and is mostly CCBS. Sorry for the blurry picture and retries, I don't have time to sort those out. I hope you guys enjoy it and no, I'm not going to link to MOCpages because the only MOCs on there are my bad ones and my good (ish) ones aren't on the Interwebs yet. The only reason I put those orange Bohrok eyes on the arms is so that from the front the orange goes through the empty pinholes and fills them up without actually having anything there. If you can't see the blue pins from the pictures in the Promethean's back, they're there because originally that was where the Watcher would attach.


Bizarre and nice, I can see the resemblances, but otherwise bit too messy

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Hmm... I'm not seeing it, but this is still a really good looking MOC, I like it! Not too accurate, but even still, good job! :smile:

Were there supposed to be more pictures? :laughing:


Its a little choppy and hard to see anything 5/10 Dont care about the rating its a good moc :smile:

What if the reason Master Chief doesn't appear in ODST is because he secretly was an ODST, and all the events in the Halo franchise are his PTSD nightmares?

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@PekekoaOfJungle Yes, there was. It uploaded strangely, and didn't accept them all for some reason. By the way, the picture you have is one of the ones I built from,as I used pictures as well as the in-game playing experience.

@Das101fulYT Sorry about that.

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