MOC: Phantom Dragon

Third MOC here. I wanted to show it for a long time but didn’t find this site until recently. The biggest effort in this build is the wings for sure. As you can see in the pictures, I used two kanohi sheleks for the face and jaw. The body is quite heavy, so friction adders were very useful.


Don’t like the head and the proportions are pretty bad, but with a few edits it could be very good.

what would you change with the head?

Interesting head design!

It’s a nightmare.

in what sense of the term?

The odd proportions and the monstrous bladed wings look almost randomly tacked together, but as a whole, it gives it a nightmarish and demented vibe, like something out of a Turaga’s horror story.

Though in terms of it as a MOC, it looks way too messy.

Love the tail design though

Well the jaw is the same piece as the entire upper head, which could work but in this case it doesn’t because the jaw isn’t tucked away at an angle or anything it is just a reflection of the rest of the head, not to mention how the jaw is so far distanced from the upper head. I think it would look better if it had a more rahi-like head or maybe just a different mask with an entirely different jaw design.

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do you have a mask that could do a better job in mind?

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Not any particular mask I am thinking of, but I think this moc looks like the kind of moc that wouldn’t even need a mask, I think it would work best if it had a custom rahi-like head.

I might give it a shot. rahi heads are hard to design while keeping good proportions

I love it! The head is awesome! The wings are awesome! The tail is awesome! It’s all awesome!


you are awesome!

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I really like it!!

I, like Rockho, get a very nightmare vibe from it, looks cool

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Ribcage mask? hmm

I like the wing structure.

the ribcage mask is a reference to phantom dragon being the thing that ultimately kills tahu in my custom continuity. look at how the mask is a hau

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wait you killed tahu in your story?



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well, not the real tahu. the real tahu is in okoto. the iron giant rises after makuta teridax is defeated. the iron giant creates new materials for the island of mata nui, that over the years went over climate changes. anyway, the materials created by the giant are used to make artificial toa. since the toa are going to okoto after signs of makuta are observed there, the matoran made 12 artificial toa. 6 mata and 6 nuva. Also, there are 6 kopakas

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