MOC: Protector of Rapture

Had this idea ever since I got the protector of water. Haven't yet thought of a name yet. Basically I wanted people to sea a protector that looked like a Big Daddy from the Bioshock games. Hope he makes ya bubble with ADAM-induced glee!

(sorry for all the bad puns and references, I'm really trying okay?)

(Really spins)

The back doesn't look as good as I would like, but it does give POR here a rounded shape like a Big Daddy.

Well? Does he float your boat?


these are pretty cool
I like


Coolio very coolio ideed


That looks cool.

Yay. smile_cat

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Very impressive.


I love the metal guard cage!
The front is just amazing!

If I had any cons with this model, I'd have to say the back needs something more interesting, but it still works very well as a back.

I look forward to your future MOCs. Happy Building. smiley

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Woah, this is really cool. Nice job! wink

Would you kindly make more of these? It's quite the good moc

First off, thanks for all the replies and complimants :smiley:

Thanks! The metal cage took 3 tries, but it was totally worth it. I agree about the back, maybe ill add a scuba tank or something.

more bioshock mocs or just mocs in general? either way i'd be happy to oblige :wink:


This is one badass moc Dr_Chrones. Awesome job!

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Those puns are water under the bridge. I really like these crossover MOCs on the Boards.

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Oh my...

That is a good thing. A very good thing. The gold, blue, and black go together surprisingly well. And the Steampunk... ooo, that looks nice.

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yes, the colors do flow together nicely.

For some reason (probably the cage, my favorite part of the model) this looks like an undersea mech with a protector in it.


What a solid little build! The most impressive part is the wiring around the head to get that 'caged' look to a Big Daddy. The combination of the new flat-gold armor pieces with the Carapar armor really matches up, never thought to combine the two. I would recommend to using a longer upper leg in order to add armor, but it would mess with the near spot-on proportions.

Great build, man!

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I like the mask

This is fantastic, I love the Carpar armor and the colorscheme is very consistent. Do you plan on making a Master of Rapture?