Moc Questions

Hi.I have a few questions concerning the self moc backstories and other stuff.
Number 1.
Including other peoples moc’s into other’s backstories.Depending on the context,
would we require a request to use a character in their backstory?
Number 2.
WHAT IS LUNA MAGNA?! I’ve seen all these mocs on it including officers,princesses,kings,and even the order of mata nui,and yet i don’t know exactly what it is?
Number 3.
@TheMOCingbird ,what IS your character’s backstory? I’ve never see the character anywhere!
I’ve got more questions,still rootin in my noggin for them…

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That’s a version of Aqua Magna from a different universe. (belongs to @Connor_Hoffman)


I don’t have a moc/character named “TheMOCingbird,” it’s just the username I use. I thought it was a fun pun, though I may get around to building a moc for it eventually, but there’s no backstory. The profile picture I use is art of a moc of mine, though it’s not my character. It’s Toa Khafu, a character made by @Connor_Hoffman ( I just won the build contest for him, and got the art as a reward. I’ve always planned on getting a new avatar that’s actually of a bird, but I’ve never gotten around to it, and I do really like the art of Khafu.


So like, using someone else’s character in the backstory for your character?

Some people would call this unoriginal, others would appreciate the use of their characters, so I’d definitely ask first to find out their opinion.


@Connor_Hoffman would be the best person to ask that question to

yea,but hes been in inactive on the message boards for a long time now…