MOC Raqia del

Moc back in 2017
At that time, there were not enough parts, so I had no choice but to use red pins and red balls.etc
I’ll have to change it all one day.

Head have open Function


He will appear in Bionicle Rise episode 2.


Looks pretty cool, I like the little greebly details.

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This looks fantastic. The use of Pridak feet for weapons is great and the overall shaping is top notch.

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That’s pretty heckin’ cool!


@Rukah @Brickbot99 @Pakari Thanks guys!


A great design!

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@Atobe_Brick Thank you!

Definitely the best of the Mocs you’ve posted so far! Love the shaping in the torso

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@Eilrach Except for this, everything else I’ve uploaded has been broken down for a long time!

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it’s very detailed and i do like it but…i’m not sure exactly what i’m looking at. the sword design is great as is the torso and head, but i don’t know what you were going for. whatever you were going for, it looks great.

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Your builds always have such a techno fantasy feel to them, love it a lot. Really good job.

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Very cool. I love all the little details you added to it.

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@Enbeanie Unicorns, carrots, and knights were the topics!
@Alucia @Cordax Thanks guys!!