MOC/Reimagining: Lord of Skull Spiders (G1)

Since my G1 Umarak Moc did so well, I want to share with you my G1 Lord of Skull Spiders Moc.

My lore for him is that he is a rogue Makuta who got mutated. He created the Skull Spiders as a subspecies of Visorak. He bound himself to the Heart of the Visorak and took over the Visorak horde after Vakama freed them. The lord would however die when the Toa Mahri wiped out the Visorak.

Here is a little pic of one of the Skull Spiders

Anyway, I hope you all like it, let me know what you think!


this is really cool

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Nice, the head seems perfect for him and the abdomen is nice part usage. My crit would be that the legs do not seen like they could hold his weight, on a real spider they often have larger legs at the front and I think here it would work well as he has a lot extra weight near the front plus lengthening the legs a bit might be good.


I think i like this even better than the Umarak one! The use of a tridax torso as an abdomen (as Axelford pointed out) is really good. That skull Fikou thing also looks really good.


This guy is creeping me out, good job.

Also the little skull spider looks pretty neat.