MOC revamp(Kinda) Kahuk the Cowardly!

alright, so I went down to target and went down by the lego part of the store, what I saw was this

Now you might all know how plasma is white and orange, I had a butt load of white but almost no orange at all, last time I posted Kahuk on the forums he had like, what? 2 or 3 orange pieces? well here’s the moc

I now have a master piece, kinda, he still needs to learn how to dodge.

I added a orange-red brain stock to his head

Im sorry if this one is blurry, my phone ain’t really on a stand

There, now you guys have full idea how the mask was painted, It was painted poorly, though it does give off a plasma-like feel to it, anyway, continuing on.

Theres the full body, Now I can live happily if someone ever uses it.
(Give credit though)

You know how there was a really tiny CCBS torso there? You know how I covered it up in the final build? This is how

Kahuk laying down

I was bored so I made a pose for him

Kahuk on all sides

“I get all the cocky I want! Wait…” stupid quote me and some friends made on Discord

And that’s the end of the revamp, I hope you enjoy the moc

You crazy people

Inserted MOC picture into top of topic for Hot Topic bar -legomaster


Not half bad! my issues here would mainly be the colors, the silver and gunmetal stick out a bit much.


This looks really great, I really like the torso. :smile:

That torso Is really freaking good! What if you remove the beam on the back of the lower torso for extra articulation.

Its called Transparent-Fluorescebt-Reddish-Orange
Or for the more sane, Trans neon orange/trans redish orange/(insert color guess here cause there’s already a trans red and trans orange.)

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i like the general look but that darthvader chest plate really doesn’t fit the color scheme

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He’s very expressive! I think that is due to the build and armour placement, so good job on that mate :smiley:

The mask doesn’t really work for me. I get that it may give that plasma feel, but I’m just getting vibes of a badly painted mask ):

All in all he’s pretty sweet!


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My only issue is the fact that the silver and black chestplate sticks out a bit, but otherwise, superb.
The build is fantastic.

It’s decent.

The skeleton looks interesting, but once you have the armor back on, it looks decent but bland.

That beam connects the chest and spine, so if I did remove it he wouldn’t have chest plating and he wouldn’t be able to stand up right, kinda like a REAL spine, except if I rebuilt the whole body [quote=“RaptorTalon, post:2, topic:29411”]
the silver and gunmetal stick out a bit much

I dont think theres any chest plate like piece that only comes in white, if there is let me know, please. Its bothering me too[quote=“RaggedClaws, post:6, topic:29411”]
but I’m just getting vibes of a badly painted mask

I feel the same way, I could prob repaint it some day.

It might be bland because its only using CCBS arms and legs, I dont have enough pieces to make custom limbs but if I some day do get pieces for custom arms and legs I will make another post for Kahuk with custom limbs.

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Very nice! The colors, build and sleek appearance really stand out to me.

With all those confident-looking poses, he doesn’t really strike me as “cowardly” :stuck_out_tongue:

They do not, maybe you could paint one?

Hes trying to not act cowardly, that’s the joke with this toa, Hes a coward but he tries to hide it, That and he gets kicked in the nuts every time I post another moc that isn’t him, besides the grievous post, I don’t think I could get away with that one.

This guy looks great, I like the custom torso

I’m not annoyed that you modified the mask but you weren’t exactly thorough.

A lot of white shows through on the segments that got painted (or whatever you used to add the color orange).

Looks amazing! I love you’re MOCS!

Say, will you ever do stop-motion again? Those videos were pretty cool.


WHAAAAAAAA? You know those videos? I deleted them off the youtubez.
but I might if I get a good camera.