★MOC. Λrkeosh the unbreakable

Arkeosh is one of the superiors of the Metal-Crown army.(http://darkraimaster99.deviantart.com/art/MOC-MetalCrown-Commander-507278287)
With his monumental power and unshakeable armor it has managed to debase enormous territories leading an army that only lives to destroy the enemy.

Arkeosh manages a large rifle with loads of concentrated energy to kill his opponents quickly and remotely, but his favorite is his powerful ax with which he breaks into pieces anyone who gets in his way.

☆Please let me know your thoughts it the comments! ^-^


Quick question, why do so many of your mocs have some form of blaster!?

A blaster? You mean a gun or something like that?

Great moc it is super consistent and well rounded

Excellent colors, textures, and use of the Hewkii Inika mask.

One word, Wow. Good job, looks really, really nice

Really enjoying the build on this. Nice job.

Ordinarily I’m not a big fan of those feet, but this MOC manages to successfully tie them in with the texturing. Everything is kept consistent, making his stature a lot more formidable and solid.

I have to admit that the feet is the worst part

What a guuuuuuun!!!

I like the bulkyness of the armor. Very imposing looking character. Which mask is that, Drilldozer?

One of the ignika masks.

Anyways, good moc, textures stay more or less coherent throughout. I’d do away with the shield butt flap though.

I love that axe design!

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@LegoMetal44 Glad to see you here man!

@BlackboltJohnson is Hewkii’s Inika kanohi (Sanok)

Love the layering and aesthetic! Makes me think of old skool Brinkley MOCs, despite plenty of new parts and unique usage! Beautiful!

This M.O.C. is pretty solid but MAN those feet stick out more than Elljay with a beard.(Thats a joke by the way, you can never be too careful)

The layering of this M.O.C. is awe inspiring (I wish I could do that). However another problem are the blue pins.sorry to nitpick,and the lime green. It just seems forced like the builder is try to do another monochrome M.O.C. but he was afraid of backlash and he so he put some trans neon-lime green system pieces on here and there to make it look a little more cool. The custom hands look a little blocky and unstable, but to be fair almost all custom hands are unstable. In fact that’s the reason lego rarely does them. (Except Umarack’s or Maxilos’s)

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homina homina homina homina homina homina

this is really cool, i like the gun