MOC: Rust

Now Matt I've watched MOC advice and I know how you feel about using a character's backstory to justify their appearance. But it's not being lazy if the intent was for them to look like a pile of trash from the beginning

To answer any questions this is supposed to be the turret from TF2

Not much is known about his story. All that he knows is that one day he simply stood up and started wandering a trash dump until he found an old busted sentry turret and got it fixed up. Some people speculate he is some kind of Frankenstein's monster created by some mad scientist hiding out in the dump. Others say he is the reanimated corpse of a worker who was crushed in a trash compactor accident. Either way he wants to learn more about himself, and sets out on a quest of self-discovery. Along the way he becomes one of the most feared mercenaries out there. He is quite the gentle giant, always patient with others but sometimes a little dull when it comes to social interaction.


I love it!

maybe cuz it looks like one of my friends MOCs over on MOCpages......

Maybe cuz its FRIGGEN AWRSHUKM!!!!



You know, if you gave this thing a good color scheme, it might look decent. A bit messy, yeah, but it would look nice. Also, I forgot to mention it before, but the little red and black thing is nice. I like the vreative use of sockets as feet (sorry if my previous critique was too harsh.)


Be nice, guys. I don't need to delete any more posts, do I?


I actually like this moc, except the orange CCBS piece the colorscheme is consistant, and think the design is creative and a decent take on the engineer from TF2.


as a matter of fact I have changed the orange piece to red after I took the pictures.
thanks for the feedback

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I think the red and yellow need to be more spread out....make him look more how you want him to

@Chronicler I am NOT BEING MEAN!

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I dont think he was talking about you

I was talking about Calvatron and Vuhii, not you. I had to delete their posts.


Ah okay.`

I appreciate the support but they both liked the page, I just took then as a joke

@Calvatron What colours would you suggest? (Or is it the blue pin? XD
It's cool dude.

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double post

also I guess I go with the rest in saying that the general moc is messy. Sure he's a scrap guy, but some scraps tend to be more or less...consistent, compared to this.... no hard feelings

Double post? I'm sorry I've been trying to avoid doing it.
None taken I appreciate the feedback