~ MOC: Scizzy the Skrall Assassin ~

Sometimes when brute force or sheer numbers can’t do the trick you need a single soldier to infiltrate and assassinate a single enemy target. Although lone wolves were frowned upon by the Skrall, Tuma knew that having at least one highly trained assassin would come in handy.

Scizzy tended to keep to himself and train in secret. Tuma encouraged him to travel the land in order to build up resilience and endurance. On his travels he picked up a few more skills and weapons.

(Click on images as some have appeared to be squashed :confused: if not then no worries)

His inventory consists of the following.

  • Heat Blade (useful for cutting through metal materials like chains or bars)
  • Sharpened Bone Sword
  • Energy Rifle (non-canon)
  • ShieldBlade (A shield the doubles as a blade)
  • Jetpack (for those hard to reach heights)
  • Handcuffs
  • Rope (covering the drone)
  • Organic Drone (gluten free)

Hope you guys enjoyed my MOC. If you want pictures of the internals I can supply some.


This is a very interesting build and concept for the MOC. However, the bulkiness of the torso and the slimess of the limbs contrast with each other heavily, and the large chest does take away from the fact that this is supposed to be an agile, skilled assassin. I would like to see a taller and more slender build to convey that image into our heads. On the bright side, the weapons are nice to look at.

it’s goofy

The lack of thicker arms (or a more slender body) is due to piece limitations. I wanted to do everything you had just suggested but I just don’t have the pieces for it at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting concept with the four arms, though the rather bulky torso paired with the slimmer arms looks kinda odd.

An excellent addition to the army of the Mighty Tuma!

This is very creative !

I got to admit this looks pretty great.
But the arms are slim and the feet look out of place.

I was thinking that the combined width of both arms would make up for the slimness of both