★MOC. Şentile ,the forgotten guardian


Sentile was one of the northern Urokum Titans used to guard the gates of the city of Tehlfos. When the inhabitants of the city emigrated due to the glaciation, Sentile and the other titans were left there forgotten. He was completely frozen on a glacier after a series of brutal blizzards. He was found by explorers and they tried to revive him. His body was heavily damaged so he was subject to experimentation with biomechanical implants. His horns and back spines were removed and part of his organs and limbs were replaced by artificial components that gave him even more strength and speed.
In the center where these operations took place also was Libelle, a young woman who had offered to the experimentation in exchange of being able to cure a disease that endangered its life. The organization that made possible this was dismantled by the local authorities and Libelle and Sentile had nowhere to return. Now they are dedicated to taking care of each other trying to obtain resources to survive.

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Are there blue highlights?
If so, they bother me.

Amazing as per usual, you are one of my top three favorite mocists.

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How in the world can I make awesome mocs like you?

Time, pieces and a mad mind.

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I feel like the head needs more facial features, unless that was the look you were going for.
Nice moc.

Facial features? Ahh nope, it’s a hemet, it works similar to Seinhell’s helmet: