MOC: Skull Maiden

Even after being reincarnated by Kulta’s dark magic, this mechanoid mistress is still just as vain as she was in life! She tries to entice enemies into close range with her perceived beauty, but death all but took that away…


Uh, logan?
This is not really good.
Like, it’s not that it’s poorly constructed, it’s just kind of bad in that it’s WAY oversexualized and really just doesn’t need to exist.


You really like the chest-cannons, don’t you :stuck_out_tongue:

All but took that away? Not to be rude, but death definitely did take ‘that’ away. Sorry.

I have to say, nevermind the chest cannon, she kinda lacks anything new or interesting. The chest cannon being more of the new, less of the interesting kind.

I think you missed the joke.

No worries, this thing really was a joke tablescrap. I only photographed her because of the idea for the silly backstory.

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… it’s a skeleton, with a chest cannon, normally I can see what people are talking about, I can’t, I just can’t find a skeleton attractive.

I mean I got a chuckle from the posing, from the irony, but I can’t see the build as sexualized at all.
It’s just sort of bland.


kids please, turn around, there is nothing to be seen here


i guess the chest/torso build is good?


I… I don’t even anymore.

is this MOC even SFW? - Like… I’m serious. - The poses and implications are borderline NSFW.


So, do all Okotan females have chest cannons?


I really like the chest cannon.

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I don’t think that that’s technically CANON…
Anyway, while the MoC is nothing special, I like the way you attached the claws to make rib bones…


Were have I seen this before? (no, im not talking about Korgot)

With the lack of effort, I don’t think this post can stay up…

i think its a great addition so now its like a skull toa team 5 guys and one femme

but it could have some tweaking here and there

They have good burgers.


Okay, so every other simplistic or funny MOC posted to the board should be taken down too then? What a silly thing to say.


To be fair, I don’t want this moc to be locked (mainly from your positive reputation on the boards); even when you mention its a joke moc.
It’s not the best out there, but there are far more less interesting simplistic or funny MOC on the boards.


That and joke topics are not allowed. /s

that being said, I actually like the rib cage thing below the canon.

I don’t know why, but I feel like this is a joke about Korgot and how her blaster is in a similar place