MOC, skull raptor

I actually started from the feet up, cuz I was bored


Aside from the claws, it doesn't look like a raptor. Try making it look not so humanoid by elongating the body into segments. The arms should be at the very front of the body with the legs being nearing the back end. Also, a custom head would look better

Arms are too long, hands are too big.

Cute little guy, doesn't look much like a raptor but I like him.

Looks good, but I find the name to be offensive to Raptors.

Pretty cool looking, though. I like the colours, orange and red. :smile:

It doesn't look quite like a raptor, but it's fine none the less. For a more raptor like look, shrink the hands, enlarge the foot claws, take the fin off the tale, elongate the body, set the poster lower, and loose the wings.