MOC: Surin

Just photos here:

A close friend of Trunon’s, Surin is very energetic. He is down-to-earth, while still being plenty heroic. He is a warrior of great skill and valor, making his name known across many of the continents. While Surin is not a Toa, he does have Ice elemental abilities, and is very adept at using them to his advantage, making him a formidable foe to those who dare threaten the peace of the realm. Surin wears a Great Pakari, the mask of Strength, which he uses advantageously in hand-to-hand combat. He is noble, and a strong defender of justice and all those who believe in it, but will most likely falter in the face spiders. He doesn’t like those.


seems very nice for a non-toa MOC. Maybe he's of Brutaka's or Axonn's species? Actually nevermind

he looks funny though, considering his accent color is orange, the opposite of the traditional blue on ice characters

oh hey, this looks pretty nice,

but white and orange is plasma's color scheme...

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Well this guy, while not a toa, is said to be an ice toa in the backstory.

He just likes orange is all wink but yea I do like to imagine him having ice powers instead of plasma. Just creative liberties I guess.

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I just can't look at this Moc and not think commander Cody- but that's not a bad thing

Nice and streamlined I like it.