MOC: Synchro

Another MOC. At the start, it’s body was a regular CCBS body, but the proportions were really bad, so i went ahead and made a custom build with rahkshi arms to place the shoulders. Then, the new 2015 sets came along with new parts, which i used the new clip-on armor peices for the chest.


Pretty good job. A solid 8 outta 10.

The bulk (helmet?) is my kind of thing

I got to say this is pretty good.
But the blue pins are exposed front to back.

the blue pins aren’t a big problem since the colors fit with the trans-light blue

@Pegasus88 you do have trans. light blue in the color scheme, but that doesn’t save the blue pins from looking bad. If you really went for that mentality, you could have had regular trans. blue (like the head) or Mata blue as the armor shells.

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or i could get myself some black pins

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That would also work. :blush:

I really like it! I love how you used Bulk’s helmet that way!


I couldn’t swap the light trans blue with trans blue because there are no trans blue bone parts yet

Well you could replace those with black forearms and silver hands.

yeah, but then the trans blue would be an accent instead of a main color

@Pegasus88 Sometimes, to make your color scheme consistent, you have to change it to make it work.

I really enjoy what you did with the body . Great work!

This a great MOC! You get a 10 outta ten.

Simple yet very effective torso build

It’s pretty good but it’s not amazing.