MOC: the arsenal (2.0)

So it should be obvious that I like to make gun MOCs so this will be the page that I'll upload them onto

Sawn off Shotgun:

Sniper Rifle: (working bolt action)

Pump Action Shotgun:

Flame Thrower:

Semi-Auto Shotgun:


Grenade Launcher:

Assualt Rifle (Slightly inspired by Destiny):

Assualt Rifle (AK47):



They look pretty cool. sunglasses

Nice Job!

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moc guns, I love it

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Try and make Destiny (Graves Shotgun from League Of Legends)


Thank you!

I love a challenge

the bolt action works on the rifle, you can't really see to clearly and I may have to add a photo of it in use,d.aWw&psig=AFQjCNH4olPvDCexkot9zuBetVibY50vRA&ust=1439146661304710


the semi-auto is a bit clunky and abstract imo,
otherwise these are nice.

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These are pretty good. I'm a fan smiley

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I will also post a gun here because I have nothing to say.


These are guns.
These are Bionicle guns.
I am happy.

Nice guns!