MOC: The Beast

7th MOC. On this one i wanted to use as many shades of blue as i could and it worked out well. the only shade i don't have is the new dark azure from gali master of water. the wires are to compliment the alien-like design of it, like if it had lots of wires for a life supporting system.


Very cluttered. I can't really give tips on it.



  • The weaponry seems interesting
  • Pretty good use of the Gadunka skull
  • The orange piping looks strange and doesn't really look it belongs on the model
  • The calves look gappy from the front and side
  • Has too much going on
  • To many shades of trans. blue (I would personally stick to one and go with it)
  • The asymmetry of the hands don't work very well here
  • The color scheme as a whole is pretty off
  • The head is a bit bland

My overall rating for this MOC is a 5/10.
With a cluttered look and an inconsistent color scheme, The Beast needs a few revisions.

Needs Some Work wink

Yeah I couldn't have said it better.

It's a really interesting build though.

Hey look! it's @Risebell's new Self-moc!

huh? what are you talking about?

that and the orange.

oh i see. HA HA!

RIP orange tentacle piece, for you shall forever be bent.

Anyways, nice MOC. The arms and weapons look disproportionally large though.

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the bad proportions are intentional. it makes it look more out of this world

I love it! The random tubes are awesome! 10/10

They don't "flow" well with the rest of the MOC though...especially the gunmetal Chima torso... the smoothless of that piece doesn't look good alongside the jagged, textured Vahki leg.

Try using similar textured parts together in ways that make the whole appendage look smoother, whether it is a deformed creature or not, there should be some type of consistency.

I would recommend using CCBS for the forearms rather than the Vahki leg

it reminds me of something i would've made a while back. points for nostalgia....

really wish i could give more feedback but it's not really clear whats going on. I like the claw smile

Not bad, maybe make it less of a mess, probably take out a few tubes.

Interesting. Good colors.

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It's a good moc, but I don't think "beast" is a very good name for it because beast is usually a word to describe a big carnivorous animal with fur. I don't think the name fits that well because it clearly isn't a mammal or anything it's like a squid-monster thing.