MOC: "The Beast"

I present to you my latest MOC, in spirit of the spooky Halloween season:

The head is the most complicated part of the MOC, and features a purely custom build. It's made up of mostly System, with a bit of Technic thrown in:

The torso, oddly enough, took longer to build than the head. It's my first attempt at a really unique build:

Action pose:

The arms and legs are pretty basic, but IMO, I still think it looks pretty good.

Comments and criticism are appreciated. If anyone wants more pictures from different angles, just let me know and I'll post it. :smile: Thanks for viewing!

-Nick C.


Well, you sure know what you're doing. I congratulate you on this magnificent of works.

Pretty nice looking, I must say!

This is Fantasti-coolโ„ข! Really, really well done! It looks great, and I love that head, and the torso as well! Good job! :smile:

Pretty cool, he looks menacing!

I've never seen those twisted horn pieces before...

@Cyclopian, @Swag-O-Lantern, @PekekoaOfJungle, @Stoax: Thank you all! I'm glad you guys like it. :smile:

@Rockho They're the same horns used on Skull Grinder. :wink:


This is great! But the name totally reminds me of OTGw so that is like half of it ๐Ÿ˜œ also you should totally enter this in @Swag-O-Lantern 's contestant! (btw I am a judge in it so if I like it now you may have a good chance in the contest๐Ÿ˜‰)

Great use of small parts.
Head is great.
Proportions are great.
Fingers are great.

@RedHuna101 Thank you! And I'm actually building a different MOC for that contest, and I'll upload it in a few days. :smile:

@LurkingEhlek Thanks. :smiley:

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wow this is really sick. The head and torso are killer.

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Thank you! :blush:

Went in expecting some overly edgy MOC.
Came out realizing I may have just seen brilliance.

Dude that's pretty darn sweet.

:open_mouth: Wow, that means a lot to me especially coming from you. Thanks! :smile:

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Thank you @Sushiyoda !

Theres an nice charm to the somewhat simple build

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Very well done! Makes me think of hero factory brain attack, is that where your inspiration came from? Anyways, nice work!

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@Sushiyoda Yeah, I wanted to keep the overall appearance simple. I think it works. :smile:

@legofan3225 Thanks! :smiley: And nah, I didn't really have anything in particular when designing it.

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Man-Thing? Is that you?